The Guardian Peer Support & Mentor Group meets twice a month, on the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of the month.

Roundtable Discussion – Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month

Join us by Zoom from 8:30 am – 10 am on the second Tuesday of every month. Talk through and solve difficult problems with other guardians. Share resources, forms, and other helpful information.

Contact us to receive the zoom meeting information.

Guest Speaker Series – 4th Thursday of the Month

Thursday 6/22/23 @ 3 pm
Speakers: Heidi Isenhart & Stephanie Cook with Shuffield Lowman

Title: An Interactive Session with Seasoned Guardianship Attorneys: Exploring Conflicts & Creative Solutions on a Practical Level

Description: June’s Speaker Series features Guardianship Attorneys Heidi Isenhart and Stephanie Cook from ShuffieldLowman. Together, they have more than 50 years of real-world experience as attorneys and have seen almost everything in the often-crazy world of guardianship.

This presentation is designed to help guardians gain a deeper understanding of how to limit their risk of litigation, while giving them tools and ideas of how to proactively deal with the difficult parts of being a problem. After this presentation, attendees will better understand how to handle difficult family dynamics and other conflicts, identify warning signs, and develop solutions to assist in benefiting the incapacitated person they are appointed to serve.

This presentation will also have a lengthy open Q&A portion, giving attendees a great opportunity to ask any questions they may.

Presentation Length: 90 minutes

Zoom Registration Link:

Thursday 7/27/23 @ 3 pm: Guest Speaker Ashley Gieske with TEAM Risk Management Strategies

Thursday 8/27/23 @ 3 pm: Guest Speaker Elizabeth Bertrand with Palumbo & Bertrand, P.A.

Thursday 9/28/23 @ 3 pm: Guest Speaker Jacob Wilkerson with Install don’t Fall

Thursday 10/26/23 @ 3 pm: Guest Speaker John Finch with ABLE United

Quarterly Meetings

June 15th, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Presentation Time: 2:00 – 4:00pm

Location: Zoom / Virtual

Title: Make Your Billing Better Quarterly Meeting

Description: For the June Quarterly Billing Better Meeting, we will be discussing 58M-2.009 (8) “Least Restrictive Alternative.”

As a professional guardian in the state of Florida, there are things you shall and must do per 58M-2 Standards of Practice, but when was the last time you really read these documents? Do you know how to word your billing in a way that proves you did the things you “shall” or “must” do, while keeping it brief, protecting the ward’s privacy and complying with ever-changing court requirements?

The “Make Your Billing Better Quarterly Meeting” is a deep dive into Statute and the Standards of Practice that can help guardians understand the full scope of their duties. Each quarter, we will take 1 or 2 statutes/ standards of practice and pull them apart as a group to discuss ways the SHALLS and MUSTS can be used to make your billing stronger and less likely to be cut by the courts. The goal is to help guardians come away with usable information and suggestions that they can put into place in their guardianship practice, whether they are a stand-alone guardian, a guardian with one staff, or a guardian with many staff.

Be prepared to be an active participant in this meeting! We want to hear your suggestions for billing wording and your input on how your court, clerk, or region of the state handles billing in your area.

We want to help you develop billing in a way that is:

  • Specific
  • Brief & to the point  
  • Aligns to 58M-2
  • Protects your ward’s privacy while complying with court requirements

On June 15th, we will be discussing “Least Restrictive Alternative” and “Conflict of Interest.”

As pre-meeting homework, please read and be prepared to discuss the following items:

58M-2.009 (8) Least Restrictive Alternative

Total Presentation Length: 120 minutes

Zoom Meeting Link: